The Lovers' Dream - EAN Magazine May 2015

You've had the idea of your toy - the Lovers' Dream - for quite some time. What exactly is the Lovers' Dream, what makes your product special The Lovers' Dream is the first in a series of sex products for couples, it can also be used for solo play. What makes it special is that in addition to the 3 vibrators it is the only sex toy that can change the dimensions for a couple while making love,

For the Man;

  • Make her tighter.
  • Shallower
  • And when he pushes over the bulb it will stimulate him where it counts.

For her:

  • He will be thicker.
  • Longer.
  • And if the bullet vibe is in the anus position he will be pushed onto her G-spot.

Which target audience are you aiming for with it?

We are looking at 6 markets:

  1. Couples
  2. Sex Toy
  3. Penis extension
  4. Vagina tightener
  5. Gay
  6. Medical

Our main target market would be married couples for this product however the different concepts, shapes, sizes and electronic configurations each have their own unique appeal.

How could I visualize the practical use of your toy?
Predominantly the Lovers' Dream is for couples to enjoy experimenting in all ways, it's a very versatile product and can be used in many ways, I suggest be creative and just have fun!

Are you planning on releasing different models of the Lovers' Dream? For example different sizes or colors?
Definitely, three concepts are covered in our Patents; couples, penis extension & vagina tightner.

In which countries will your product be sold? Are you currently looking for distributors?
Global sales, but we intend to start with North America first and build from there. We will be at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Vegas in March to showcase the product for the first time.

The Lovers' Dream is a couple's product. Do you think, that these products should be presented and marketed different than sex-toys which are aiming more for solo pleasure?
The Lovers' Dream is an intimate couple's product, however it is also suitable for solo play- like most adult pleasure products. Sensuality is a large component of our marketing and our imagery and branding reflects this.

You've gotten patents for your design in different countries. How important is it to get these patents before you even start production?
Extremely important, as we have seen from time to time with other companies in the adult arena. It's my invention, I created the idea myself, I have struggled with developing it over many years, I have sacrificed a lot of time and money on this idea so it would be foolish if after all of this time and effort, I would allow someone to come along and make profit from my idea, without my consent.

Do you see them as an effective protection from copycats?
Yes, for example see the more recent issues between We-vibe and Lelo. There will always be copy cats and we have a sharp legal team eager to deal with these.

Right now you are crowd funding the first production run of the Lovers' Dream. What are you expecting from this campaign and how does your timetable look like from then on?
We are hoping to raise more seed capital to assist with our expansion and production, but whatever happens with crowd funding, we are well on track for our first production run in April to start selling into the US market by June, and hopefully BDGI can start shipping other markets by Oct, Nov, 2015.

I've read that you have been working on the idea of your couple's toy for quite a while now. Could you tell us a bit about the design process?
In March 2014 I signed an agreement with my design company. I sent them the designs I had done previously and we had many hours of discussions about what I wanted and what my patent allowed me to create without infringing on any other products. The digital design was finally completed and silicone shapes were sent to me for testing. After test feedback from quite a few couples, the shape was altered for the final time. The electronic prototype was eventually completed and sent to me for testing also. That was also several times before I was satisfied. I'm now keen to test the first production samples from China.

It seems that right now there are quite a lot of toys designed for couple play in the making. Do you expect heavy competition for your product once it's on the market? Which aspects will be most important for such products to succeed in the long run?
To succeed long term, it's about producing consistent and reliable quality products that consumers can actually successfully use and achieve their desired result. It's about fulfilling expectations. Ergonomics, quality, modern, body safe materials, ease of use, longevity and a sensible price point- all these variables play a vital role. I've never been concerned about competition. I have original ideas, I stay ahead and I'm not a follower. As long as others don't infringe on my ideas and patents, Im not really concerned. I think competition is healthy, it great for consumers and it stimulates the market in general.

Do you have further plans for this year? Can we expect additional innovations once Lovers' Dream has hit the market?
BDGI has lots of plans but at this stage we are not disclosing too much. Needless to say, we have a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline. The current stage is to hit the market with Lovers' Dream, secure the distribution channels and power on from there!