Frequently Asked Questions - Bluedreams

FAQs - Bluedreams

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When The Lovers’Dream is on charge, you should see the blue light glowing at the end of the clit stim. If not, the charging device is not correctly connected, re check all connections. Allow at least 1 hour for the item to show some charge and vibrate once turned on.

Hold down the small buttons on the head of the clitoral stimulator for several seconds and it will turn on/off. The front button alters the speed, the button behind it, alters the modes.

The Lovers’ Dream is water resistant and may be used in the shower. Although The Lovers’Dream is fully enclosed with a silicon skin, we do not recommend nor cover warranty claims for submerging this item.

Yes, it is best to use lubricant. As The Lovers’ Dream is coated in medical grade silicon, a water based lubricant is recommended only.

12 months from date of purchase. Please return to your point of purchase for warranty claims.

Yes, The Lovers’ Dream is a rechargeable device with a lithium ion battery (LM to check this) and supplied with a universal USB cable for recharging. All you require is your mains wall plug or a USB port. The device will handle 110 – 230 mains voltage power.